A story of sacrifices, courage & risks from Texas to Vegas

I was born & raised in Las Vegas which is where VSF was created. My husband was stationed in San Antonio, and that is where VSF flourished for 6 years 2010-2016.  Now my husband went from Active to Reserves in the military so we can focus on our businesses & moved back to Las Vegas to be near my family again (and grandbaby:) Las Vegas has changed alot in 6 years since I been gone, the economy crisis hit us hard back then, but now its very much on an uprise(for now)

 Transitioning to return home hasn’t been easy. I can see the stress has affected me physically, but not mentally because I have very high positive spirits & lots of faith. I am happy to be home near my family again, but I went from the stress of moving to the stress of trying to now re-build my supporters, clients, & followers in my own home town again. It is after all my hometown, you would think I’d have the most support here, especially considering I named the brand after the city I grew up in. But people come and go in this city, so its hard to build that foundation. So I am once again starting over here in building a new network.

Texas is just so good to me and still is even from a distance I get alot of support from them. I am very grateful, especially my San Antonians, But I also worked really hard to gain that support and put in alot of time to build that.

Now in Vegas, I decided to focus more on tourists and corporate events. Its going to be a process & alot of hard work again to start re-creating a new Vegas network & clientele, but in time I have faith everything will fall into place as they should. I’m also not giving up on the locals. I  think local ladies think its just another little”Vegas”thing, but I assure you once local Vegas ladies try VSF they realize its an empowering experience like no other. The few charity events I’ve hosted so far  for local Vegas ladies had that exact reaction:)

So what next? Well I had several reality shows contact me about VSF, but so far nothing has followed through all the way yet.(Shark Tank, West Texas Investors club) even mentioned in the Wall Street Journal!  So VSF has had its publicity but I still have my hopes that all I need is that one lucky break one day, right place, right time, right people,right investors to help me take VSF to that next level which its so ready for. For now, I will just keep hosting my fun womens’ bachelorette, birthdays, women team building, and ladies night out events. Empowering one woman at a time. I will also certify, coach, and license VSF party hostess instructors so they too can make an additional stream of income empowering other women through dance owning their own VSF businesses. Again, one instructor at a time:) 

The VSF Site is amazing with functionalities in place only million dollar companies have. However I’ve exhausted more money than I ever imagined in just building the site and marketing the brand. But thats how much my husband & I believe in VSF. We Sacrificed cutting down on everything possible, even letting go of having a mortgage to renting a room from my mother. The VSF Siteif ever finished, will make any investor jump for joy with how much return on investment it will bring. So for now unless a potential investor comes along one day that like to help complete the project, I will continue growing the brand by just empowering 1 woman at a time until the day I die, because VSF does work and the VSF site is a million dollar project that will make billions one day, I’m that sure. Maybe my granddaughter will complete the project when I’m long gone, either way I will keep going and continue to invest my time & talent. If it was up to me, I’d continue to also invest every penny I have into the VSF site project but my angel (my husband) who has always been by my side supporting me every step of the way, reminds me that I need to start taking care of me.

Thank you for reading my story on where I’m at right now in this VSF jouney.

 I hope you create a free profile on our VSF Network and find a VSF ladies night out event near you or get certified and start  hosting your own parties!:)

  •  ONE LAST THING: If you’re wondering why VSF? Why do I do what I do over a “dance” party class for women? Seems silly?  Look at the faces of the everyday women from all paths of lives in the pictures below. They are the reason I do what I do, they need to feel VSF, it helped sparked something inside each and every one of them, I feel its my mission to keep spreading VSF to women 
    everywhere and I pray all my VSF instructors I certified do too. Love to hear your comments below and please share my story or the site so we can all empower one another. 

Much VSF Success

Love Lisa 🙂

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Being a Mom 1st

Its been a while since I’ve posted here, life had me going in circles. Almost 3 years ago my then 24 year old daughter announced she was pregnant.  It was a bitter sweet moment because althou…

Source: Being a Mom 1st

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Being a Mom 1st

Its been a while since I’ve posted here, life had me going in circles. Almost 3 years ago my then 24 year old daughter announced she was pregnant.  It was a bitter sweet moment because although the joy of being a “Glamma” was exciting, I knew heavy ugly storms were coming, this was not going to be smooth sailing at all.

My daughter was involved in an abusive relationship, a relationship that I never agreed with. I couldn’t understand why or how she got herself involved in this. My business is about helping empower women, help them feel confident & sexy again. But yet, I couldn’t help my own daughter. I understand this is what daughters do (not listen to mom), but I really had set her up the best I could on an amazing path full of opportunities. But Love has a funny way of letting us forget who we are and where we come from. I love.. love, but I love healthy positive respectful love, which unfortunately was not the love she had.

I won’t go into the ugly details of the storms she went through, which as a mom we go through them too with them wether we like it or not. But here we are now, my granddaughter turns 2 years old this week, I love being a “Glamma”, my daughter left the relationship, is working on herself & is doing amazing.  I was so stressed the entire time, with not only her situation but my own in moving myself while trying to manage my businesses from another state.

Life is good again, my daughter seems more empowered and feeling sexier than ever. I moved back home to Las Vegas to be near her and my Granddaughter.  Things are more situated now and I am back in full effect with VSF.

I am now growing Vegas Stiletto Fitness here in Vegas again where it was originally created. Sometimes, although we are out to conquer the world, expand our brand, & build wealth, we have to stop and be a mom 1st.:)

Thank you for your continued support and please help me grow VSF by creating your free profile at vegasstilettofitness.com and check my latest schedule for San Antonio or Las Vegas at vegasstilettofitness.com/lisa or check out all the other amazing VSF instructors nation wide and find one near you.     >>> FInd a VSF Instructor near you  z9.jpg

Check out my next classes in San Antonio or Las Vegas!

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Life, Death, Marriage, Doing You.

I had been looking forward to our 5th year wedding anniversary for a quite sometime now, had so many plans how I wanted to spend it, but had my grandmother whom I loved very much just pass away few hours ago and also been dealing with unforeseen circumstances with our house tenant. So, plans changed, and that’s ok cause that’s life right?..crazy things happen all the time, its just how you handle them that matters. I did not remarry til I was 38(first marriage was 16 & pregnant) because I had a hard time giving part of me to someone else,my dreams & ambitions was something that most men couldn’t handle. I tried revolving my life around men before and their dreams, but no matter how in love I thought I was, I wasn’t fully happy because I needed to do me. Rob, was the first to revolve his life around me and wanted to live out my dreams with me, that is a big deal and rare. And although we have been through hell & back during the process, I respect and love him for that and always will. No relationship is perfect, and some days we are on each other’s last nerve..But with my grandmother’s passing, I know she didn’t get to really know herself, instead she did sacrifice and revolved herself around men. She grew up in a different cultural generation, so I’m not bad mouthing her life at all, cause I loved her more than anything and she was an amazing grandmother, but her mistakes made me want to do me more, and that is exactly what I did.Rob is by my side everyday, and although we don’t always agree on things, we did agree to disagree and that is ok in my book:) I love you Rob Romero my “BP” hope to post 10, 15, 20+ years with you in the future:)

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Top 3 in staying sexy on the Naughty List

1: Do something for yourself every single day that makes you feel good. Exercise, dance, have sex,  have an orgasm..whatever makes you feel good, do it daily. They say by doing so, keeps you looking & feeling 10 years younger.

2. Clean in sexy gear. Put on some sexy music, wear some heels, & feel sexy while you clean. Its a great workout too.

3.  Learn sexy chair dances at vsfnetwork.com  The dances you learn will bring out your inner goddess.



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5 ways to bring your sexy back for moms

Kids are back in school! Having children puts us in mommy mode. That’s Ok, the joy of being a mom to small children is something you should cherish every single minute. However, keeping our feminity is important too. There is nothing wrong in feeling sexy and confident while raising children.  If you feel the mommy routine has taken a toll on you, Here are 5 tips in helping you bring your sexy back. 

1.   Get up Get dressed.  I know we are tired scrambling around in the morning putting kids always before ourselves making sure they are showered,dressed, & ready to go, but don’t forget about yourself too.  Wake up a few minutes earlier to get yourself looking cute too before facing the world, it shows your kids that you practice what you preach.

2.  Hit the gym. Drop off your kids at school and before you think of anything else, go to the gym. Going to the gym at least 3 times a week will surely make you feel sexy. Are you a working mom? No excuses, throw on a workout dvd or watch any YouTube or Hulu workout videos before the kids wake up. Even just 10 minutes a day will help make you feel sexy.

3.  Wear sexy lingerie.  Just because you have mommy jeans on doesn’t mean you can’t wear sexy lingerie underneath. The feeling of sexy silky panties underneath your mommy jeans will keep a sexy smile on your face all day long;)

4.  Read sexy romance novels.  The imagination can do wonders. Being in mommy mode all day long can make it difficult to put your mind anywhere else. Reading something sexy before going to sleep will make you feel sexy, get your imagination flowing, and maybe even surprise the person sleeping next you.

5.  Join VSFNETWORK.COM. This empowering community of women from all paths of lives is a perfect online community to join to keep your sexy alive and going. The website offers free online sexy chair dance lesson demos for women of all ages, shapes, and dance abilities. Create a free profile today and practice your sexy dances. Surprise your significant other, or just do it daily to burn calories while feeling empowered. 

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Straight Outta VSF

Seems to be the trending words right now with the “Straight Outta Compton” movie coming out. But seriously, VSF hasn’t been easy either so the movie don’t have much more than my story.  

I was brought up in a nice house with nice things because my father was a hard working employee and an entrepreneur. My mom received a Cadillac for her 30th bday and owned fur coats. My dad had a nice truck, boat, & toys any man would like. We went on amazing vacations. On the outside, we looked like a perfect family, but inside our beautiful house was a living nightmare sometimes. 

My mother is bi-polar or at least I diagnosed her myself as that as a kid.she would be very evil at times, physically abused me, and was overly jealous with my father. Maybe she took it out on me, I don’t know, I always tried to win her love, but she was never satisfied. It took me forever to forgive her, but I did. I’m over it.

My father was just always working ALOT. My mother always accused him of cheating, but I just thought she was crazy until I caught him myself when I was 14. That was hard for me.

I was a good quiet student, teachers loved me. I was so ambitious to just be good & do the best I can in high school. But at 16, my older boyfriend & I became pregnant. I don’t blame anyone but myself for that. My mother insisted on an abortion & I refused, my father left my mother when I was 5 months pregnant. She became more of a nightmare & so did my life.

My comfortable life, although evil with my bi-polar mother, was turned upside down. My father moved in with his mistress, my mother left for a new boyfriend, my younger sister & I left alone in this beautiful house that was once our home. Two young teenagers, just lost in life. My parents were young & stupid, I’ve forgiven them, I’m over it.

Gangster by affiliation. That’s who my little sister & I became. Our house became a gang infested party house with drugs, sex, & a hotel for rebellious teenagers. We became teenage entrepreneurs, my sister & I, we charged $5 at the door to host parties, which helped buy food, diapers for my daughter, & more. Drive by shootings was normal to us, just duck. 

 I tried college on my own, did a few years here & there, I knew I could be more but could never really get a break, was always super broke & depressed. Looking for love in all the wrong places. 

My father’s mistress, later wife, got sick & passed away in his arms. He grew very depressed. Same year as I worked 2 jobs to better myself,  I found out my step grandfather was touching my 5 year old daughter…it was a horrible year and I was still struggling, emotionally & financially.

My sister & I suffered a lot. we lived in poverty, I call eating Taco Bell & pizza pockets every day poverty. But we were determined to do better.

 I get asked all the time after someone takes my VSF class, did you ever strip? Yes I did, temporary on & off again in my mid 20’s to make ends meet. I worked full time dancing professionally on stages making hardly nothing but worked 1 day a week every so often stripping to really pay bills. That’s the truth, and I’m not ashamed, I did what I had to do without letting the industry suck me in, I got in and I got out quick.

Fast forward. My sister ends up being a great mom to 2 kids, works for the county, & owns a restaurant. I became a professional dancer & opened up my own dance studio and later created my old brand, VSF. My daughter had a lot of personal problems growing up from what happened to her as a child, but I got her help & kept her busy with her talents in singing & dancing. She’s an amazing mom herself now, she & I are very close. 

VSF & running ANY business is extremely HARD, but after all I have lived through, I can face anything. I have a lot of heart, a lot of passion, and a lot of strength. Period. 

With that said. And me pouring my business & skeletons out there, please get online and try it today. I’m still trying to get a break;)



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